The Deets

Our Project 365 will start on Wednesday, July 28th, 2010. The challenge is to take one photograph a day for 365 days. You can upload your photos to the Internet either daily or weekly--or rather haphazardly--as suits your schedule. When you do upload your photos, please include the following naming convention in your titles so we can all keep track of their order: "001:365," "002:365"... The full title of a photo might be just the number naming convention or it may be, for example, "Goofy: 001:365."

How to keep in touch as a group

This Blog
No matter where you store your photos (as long as it's a public site), you can give me your URL and I'll post it on the page up there called The Crew. I plan to blog my photos as well as store them on Flickr. You can choose your own way of doing things so long as the photos are public.

You can upload your pictures to a Flickr account and tag each one #fellow365ers; that should allow us to search and follow each other over there. We may want to make the group more formal or restrictive at some point but I don't think we need to do that yet. If you want your photos to appear as part of the larger Project 365 project, then you should also tag them #project365.

The Rules
There really aren't any other than we all make a commitment to try to take a photo a day and post them for all to see on a regular basis. I am going to suggest that we all try to include a self-portrait once a month because I think the way we see ourselves through the lens may evolve over 12 months.

The Prompts
Once a week, I will post a one-word prompt that I hope will spur creativity--or, at the very least, prod us all on when the inevitable rut sets in. You can choose to use the prompt for a week's worth of photos, or a single photo, or you can choose to ignore it altogether.

Commenting is allowed on both Flickr and blogs. I encourage people to comment on at least one other group member's photo each day or every couple of days. I want to encourage dialogue, not burn-out, so please do what works for you.

The Great Big World of 365
For more information/tips on Project 365, go here. You can also do a tag search, #project365, on Flickr to see what others are up to and to get inspiration for your own photography.