Saturday, October 30, 2010


I think it's spooky

It's spooky to me. This iris--that's right, iris, is blooming at my daughter's school, despite the frost and despite this being the entirely wrong season for irises. Go figure. This shot would have been my shot of the day until I walked by this about 5 minutes later:




093:365 I vant to suck yur blud.


094:365 Enlightenment touchdown!


095:365 Self-portrait at 45. Guess who got a tripod for her birthday?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No meat on yer bones


090:365 Bone tired


091:365 That's it! At 1 o'clock, you're dead meat!

I really liked idiom week, thus proving I really am more of a word person than a picture person. Be prepared for future prompts that are based on word/visual play. This week, however, it's all about the spooky. How could it be otherwise?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Take five

Hee, hee. I like idioms.


085:365 What's green is gold.


086:365 Bird on a wire? Got my wires crossed? No matter how you look at it, even without a rock, I'm killing 2 birds with one stone.


087:365 The skeleton in the closet.


088:365 Going batty.


089:365 I'm beginning to see the light.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall and falling behind

A quick catch-up.


080:365 Working through the Nor'Easter


081:365 Skeletor contemplates a s'more.


082:365 The road goes ever on and on...


083:365 Happy Birthday, Daddy, or Alien abduction


084:365 The only oxymoron I could muster


Next week's prompt: it's totally idiomatic

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The one that got away

Sure, there have been other photos in the last 70+ days that could have been cleaner, sharper, more nuanced. But today, today was the day that one got away on me. M and I left for school today in a fog that was both figurative and literal. It was an exceptionally bad morning in what has been a long line of pretty crappy days. We walked along in a world clouded in a thick autumn mist when she stopped me and said, "Look Mommy! Isn't it pretty?" What she saw was two tiny, perfect spider webs strung between Scotch thistles that had gone to seed. In the fog, the webs sparkled in perfect symmetry. The thistles were positively alien in appearance. I grabbed the camera and quickly, unthinkingly, snapped a half dozen shots. Because we were running late for school, I couldn't dilly dally, so I turned off the camera and we soldiered on after sharing this moment of beauty.

About 40 minutes later, she was at school and I was almost at work when I decided I needed to take a couple more shots of the fog before the sun burned it off. I turned on the camera and that's when I saw the message "no memory card." Gasp. Surely, I had lost my card--my card with over 1,000 images on it. I must've lost it somewhere after taking the web shots. My stomach lurched. I wavered and weighed my options. Then, I retraced my steps--to no avail. Ultimately, I returned home, only to find the camera card sitting on the bench inside the front entranceway. By then I was very late for work and the fog had lifted. When I wandered by the webs later, they were torn. In the bright sun, they faded into the background. The shot was forever lost.

the one that got away

So instead, I give you this.


How about you? Do you have a big fish story?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Caught in traffic



I like the way the edge of the rear view mirror just disappears so that it looks as if the cars behind are coming right through--yet somehow the two horizons appear continuous. The photo may not be an oxymoron, but I am somehow caught between the opposites of coming and going.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010



076:365 Straddle of The Blades



The ceramic,seeing-eye dog at the grocery store. Not a great picture but she asked me to take it and the irony of her love for it is slaying me.


How are you all doing? I'm afraid the doldrums have settled in for me. When I think about November, I get scared. It's such a long, grey month. But then again, I have a birthday at the end of this month, one that might bring a new toy for the camera and with it, I hope, renewed vigour.

I wasn't good at following my own prompt last week but maybe this week'll be different. The prompt is oxymoron, if'n you're up for the challenge.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Road Trip!

We went to Halifax for a few days



and stayed in the freakiest B&B along the way.



After a day of work meetings, the walk back to the hotel was blissfully mindless.

Saturday was a vacation day which meant many, many pictures and a hard time choosing. I didn't choose

Stephen Harper's Canada

Stephen Harper's Canada


nor this bit of fun with a doubled reflection.



Instead, I went with this homage to the financial meltdown.

Today, breakfast at the hotel was followed by a whole lot of driving.



The herbivore's dilemma. Ok the herbivore parent's dilemma.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Riddle me this



Why does the lens see in a circle but produce a rectangle?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On my morning walk to work



Sheesh, another week has gone by and we've made to 70. I cannot believe I am still chugging along. I have found it difficult this week to find the time not only to shoot but to edit the morass of failed shots on my camera card. I'm also finding there is no time whatsoever to learn new tricks--whether it be undiscovered camera features or photographic principles. If I don't shake things up soon, though, I fear I will lose some of my enthusiasm. That's why this week's prompt is craft. I'm hoping to use it at least a couple of days to mean "expanding my craft" but you can take it to mean whatever you want.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Most days, I'm too busy to shoot

I hope this state passes because I really want to find time to learn more so that I can experiment with new ideas/camera techniques.


067:365 Timid


068:365 Sailor's delight


069:365 A jump or a push?

Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm a goof


066:365 Self-portrait.

I really wanted to fiddle with this one to get it perfect--better backdrop, better expression, you know--the whole 9 yards. Trouble is, I needed to import a shutter finger for the point and shoot because I don't own a tripod. He, my trusty spare shutter finger, wasn't too keen on all the retakes. Little does he know how many frickin' photos I take in a single day to get a single one. Tonight: 3 takes. That's all I was allowed. Sheesh.