Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Star of wonder...


148:365 The local Reserve receives gov't subsidized power. They give the gift of light back to us all at Christmas time.

This is what the full house looked like:



149:365 Dysfunction in the pop-up book.


150:365 This is my effort to impose shapes on bokeh light as described here. I still need some practice but with any luck you're all seeing stars where none exist in reality.


151:365 This wasn't the best shot I took on Christmas morning but it managed to capture everything that was magical about the day for us.

trying out the new lens

I got a new lens for Christmas: a 75-300mm. Zoom zoom. While I like this shot a lot, it's the next one that makes it as the shot of the day. Note the lack of snow. There's foreshadowing here.




153:365 A girl, her doll, their love of hockey.


154:365 Snowed in. Sure this snow-girl is cute but all that white stuff cancelled our holiday travel plans. No flights means no extended family. Boo.


Well, Happy New Year, one and all. Next week's prompt: resolution.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It came without ribbons...


141:365 The biblical rains and flash flooding made the Saint John river a presence in our lives this week.


142:365 My book club. We're drunk. I loves 'em.


143:365 I got this cycling Santa at a 10,000 Villages sale a few years back. He still makes me smile.


144:365 A glimpse at the Irish Dance Christmas recital I took my daughter to.


145:365 Well, he's definitely a presence in my life. He's also playing with a present he put in our daughter's Advent Calendar: finger flash lights.




147:365 A big part of my job is processing gift books. Here's a box full that came my way recently.


Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope you have a happy, peaceful and photogenic one. I don't really think we need a prompt this week but I'll put one out there anyway. Spent. If you're not feeling it now, you will be soon.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010



134:365 The Nutcracker. SWEET! I really wanted to get a better photo, taken later in the performance but the usher tapped me on the shoulder after my first shot. Rightly so, but still... I was discreet. I did not use a flash. But still... I will mind my manners in future.


135:365 Cindy Lou Who, or Hail the new, ye lads and lasses.


136:365 We won't go until we get some.


137:365 Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...


138:365 He sees you when you're sleeping.


139:365 Peace on Earth (in the air?), or don't Fall on Your Knees


140:365 "Mur" is mine.


Next week's prompt: presents or presence

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Portrait, landscape and working the curve


127:365 My Christmas lights funkadellic style


128:365 I spend 5 nights a week with him so he really ought to be here.


129:365 At the downtown tree lighting ceremony


130:365 The Saint John String Quartet with special guest percussionists




132:365 My friend Stephen let me use his basement studio again. It was fun, but I still have so much to learn and I'm not sure I know how to learn anything when I am in the company of an over-tired 5-yr-old.

working the curve

This shot isn't my picture of the day but I did experiment with it in the freeware program, GIMP. Stephen encouraged me to "manipulate the curve" on the studio shots so that the black of my daughter's dress would pop out a bit from the background. I tried it here and may experiment a bit more when I can find a bit more time.


133:365 Landscape: it's definitely changing in all the wrong ways.


I did make the rounds over the last week but I noticed that some of you haven't updated your shots in a while. Are you still with me? My guess is that you're still shooting daily but have gotten bogged down in the editing and uploading. If so, wipe your slate and start anew tomorrow.

Well, the holidays are bearing down so let's try a seasonal prompt: carol. Make it fun, make it pun. Enjoy.