Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Portrait of the artist as simpleton

OK, I promise future posts won't be wordy, but I can't resist sharing today's camera mis-adventures.

I got to work this morning and, ever the keener, decided I needed to change the display outside the Children's Literature Collection. "What ho," I thought. "I could make a display of photography-themed picture books." I searched the catalogue and assembled a stack of fantastic books around me. That's when I thought, "maybe I should kick off Project 365 with a self-portrait." Because I had only my little point and shoot camera with me, I thought if I composed the shot beforehad it could be intersting.



Talk about the painfully literal. Who is Sue? Why, just count to 365 with me and you will see. Gag.

Wait. It gets worse. I tried this next shot but holding the camera at arm's length almost got the better of me. That look on my face is there because I almost dropped the camera when I snapped the shutter.


Why, yes, this picture is nothing more than a Freudian snap.

So can we answer the question? Are simple pictures art?


Gawd, I am so literal.

But wait. It gets even worse. This next shot has the camera angle off kilter, and it is the best and most meaningful of the bunch.


Yep. You're reading it right. "Sue IS simple."

Moving right along. I deep-sixed the painfully awkward photo shoot and took my daughter to the wading pool instead.


Self-portrait: 001:365

Tommorrow. A single picture. No words. God help me.


  1. Right off the bat, you spent way more time on picture 001 than I did. :)

    My favourite is the one where your face is screwed up because you almost dropped the camera. It's a great moment you captured there, without meaning to.

  2. Sue, that first one in particular is so stunning! The others are sweet and adorable. But the first one, really - it's so good.

  3. I'm with Kate--I like the first one. I started w/ a self-portrait, too, b/c I wanted to get the worst of the month out of the way and b/c it just seemed like a good way to introduce myself.

    And you? simple? Hardly, my dear. Which is one of the many many reasons I admire you.

    I was going to write all these words about why and how and what I was thinking but then I decided no! I will bite my thumb! (or fingers or whatever. We don't have to go all Shakespeare so early in the project, do we?)

    I like the pool picture. Now I have a good idea for my next self-portrait.

  4. Well, I do like the words as well. (And can't seem to leave them out of my picture posts.)

    I love that series of self-portraits. Sometimes I like it better to get a feeling for the person than yet another artsy shot. So thanks for including all of them.

    By the way, one of the best portraits of me ever taken (and the one that ended up being on the CD we made) was me fooling around with the camera with no make-up or anything. Usually I try too hard to look good, and not show my crooked tooth.

  5. I've been fretting about the self-portait. I love the pool one, and all of the shots leading up to it...

  6. Hahaha, yer so cute! I'm really going to enjoy this project of yours.

    And btw, you *so* have a good eye, I can see that already!

    (Irony -- my fave photog friend and newbie blogger also chose this template. It haunts me!)