Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I learned to do something with my camera today. Huzzah!


114:365 Oh book club, how I love you.


115:365 The rising sun made these grasses come alive.


116:365 Snowy love on the line. Or, why don't I just pack them up for winter?


117:365 Hung




119:365 The photo's neither here nor there but it is proof that I have learned how to create a custom white balance. I can now take pictures in my kitchen. Huzzah. It's amazing what a camera manual can teach you.

I didn't really take on last week's prompt except that I found those birds in yesterday's post darn engaging. I also was engaged with my camera manual tonight. Let me try for a better prompt this week. How about metamorphosis? No cockroaches allowed, though.


  1. Love the snowflakes on the kidlet's lashes and the scrunched nose. Perfect first snow photo.

    And now both you and Painted Maypole have read your manuals and done interesting things with your cameras--I better read my manual and maybe dig up my photoshop instructions.

  2. mmm...

    sorry, I was distracted by the wine and the brie. did you take some pictures? ;)

    did you use a tripod to get that wine and brie picture? low light, no flash. maybe it's just in the shutter speed? (hey, now that I know how to adjust that! sort of...)

    love the sunrise through the grasses. i tried lots of similar shots the day I got the leaf at sunrise picture, but my grasses never came alive like that. very nice.

    ack. i am so behind on uploading pictures.

  3. I am reading my book and trying that for sure! Your pictures keep blowing me away.

  4. PM: No tripod on the book club picture. I just used a low aperture setting and took the shot from my chair positioned as it was convenient to the cheese. I do have a 50mm lens, though and that lets me set a lower aperture than I could on with the lens that came with my camera. I can get the aperture down to 1.8.