Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The second to last week of Project 365. Holy snapping shutters, Batman.


351:365 Just Mary or turning a negative into a positive


352:365 My own private Provence


353:365 Glory

Saturday was a day of fateful mishaps. I crashed my car. Boo. What's more I left my camera at the camp site and missed the most photogenic group of girls jumping in the ocean at sunset shot ever. Oh well, I did get a portrait of this fine fellow earlier in the day:


354:365 Gull


355:365 Jump


356:365 False sunflowers


357: 365 Hand

This was an accidental week on many fronts. But the one happy accident is that I think I took my best picture of the year this past week. I won't tell you which one of the above photos it is, because I think it's kinda obvious. 8 days left: I don't know if I need to set a prompt but I will try to focus on all that I've learned in this past year. Summing it all up.


  1. I can't believe it's almost over. I think I might be sad.

  2. Beautiful shots, Sue. You've really taken some amazing photos this year. (That jump shot is fantastic! She looks like she's flying.) Your skills have developed fantastically.

    I can't believe we only have another week left. This project has been such a part of my daily life. (Sometimes it's felt like a chore, other times it's been a joy. Like so much of my life...)

    I think summing up is a great final theme.

    (And oh no about the car crash. No good at all!)

  3. i've always like the word penultimate. ;)

    and i like what alejna said about your skills having DEVELOPED fantastically. It seems apropo. even if the photography was digital.

  4. Almost a year?! Wow. Great work.