Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What do Blondie and my pictures have in common?

I set "pest" as last week's prompt, but, instead, everywhere I looked this week I saw parallel lines.


169:365 The white-knuckle drive home from the grocery store.




171:365 Globe and male


172:365 Varsity hockey from the cheap seats, although Len much prefers this shot of the t-shirt canon:

the T-shirt canon




174:365 This tree is in the park across the street and I can shoot it while standing on my front door step. Last week, it framed a striped pink sunset in order to make it as picture of the day. Other days, it's come very close to winning. When I saw this, however, there was no doubt in my mind that it would trump every other shot that day.


175: 365 OK, so it's cheap to take a picture of your TV, but, c'mon, how could I resist? It's no wonder my daughter is an imaginative child. BTW, 10 points if you can guess which pests are the stars of this retro show?


This week's prompt: quirk, and it's going to be good because Misty is a-comin' to town and we're going to shoot a bit of quirk together.


  1. Wow. The moon and the power lines. Perfect. There's a shot I've been meaning to get of the rebar structure in our backyard with the moon behind it; I'll be lucky if it even comes close to yours. And yes, absolutely, the tree.

    Plus, Globe and male. Ha! It's no wonder your daughter is so punny.

  2. What Snapped P said. Really well done.

  3. maybe your drive home would be less white knuckle if you weren't taking pictures at the same time. ;)

    the tree is gorgeous

  4. Now, PM, of course I was stopped at a stop sign when I took that picture. Safety first and all...

  5. Love love love the moon in the power lines, and the tree shot. Gorgeous! And the pun in Globe and Male got an actual out-loud snort from me!

  6. Is't the the cartoon, "The Racoons"?

  7. Nope. Alvin and the Chipmunks.