Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Resolutions or waffling?


155:365 This fellow's only resolution was to make it to the New Year. I think he failed.


156:365 Remember that shaped bokeh trick I told you about last week? Here is my better effort with it.


157:365 This is my New Year's Eve shot, although I was tempted by this funnier one:

New Year's Eve

or this one of the girl actually making it 'til midnight:

New Year's Eve


158:365 At the Lieutenant-Governor's New Year's Levy, Ganong Chicken Bones are hard to resist.


159:365 I wish I'd had time to adjust the light but I still like the way the lines on the sandbox roof spiral out from this guy's head.




161:365 Len at his noon-hour pick-up game.

And while I'm here, I think I'm going to change #153, the doll skating shot in the last post for this one:


There's also an October shot that I'm going to change at some point. Clearly my resolution prompt has lead to nothing but waffling.


So, another week done and a brand new year to work with. For those of you who like to look at pretty pictures, my friend Dani has just started her second round of Project 365. Can you believe someone would do this twice? It was Dani's original go-round that inspired me to do this, so I'm happy I can now look at her great shots on a daily basis--or every couple of weeks when I can clear time to get to them.

As for a prompt, how about routine?


  1. damn i wish my tree was still up so i could do bokeh. i might just have to dig out the box of Xmas lights and play, anyways. hmmm... why not. I love that the dogs are dreaming about cats. Very clever. well done.

    the shot of the two walking in the woods is stunning. and the lobster shot is cool, too.

    and the squirrel...

    you're taking great pictures. your carrot is working.

  2. While the snowy shot is a great photo, I really liked the doll skating shot because it's more personal.

    OMG! the purple nail polish! Hahahaha. And I was thinking, "she's hardly changed."

    Happy New Year!

    (ditto what PM said - your growth is apparent. It is inspiring to observe this transformation. Thinking about areas of self-improvement, I really struggled with the idea of trying to advance my camera work - having gone in reverse, never picking up my camera and just clicking away with my iPhone - but at this point, it seems really like Work, so ...)

  3. Yay! I love that snowy walk photo.

  4. That's a great squirrel shot - You could lighten it but I think it would lose something. The ones of Muriel are breath-taking. I have some of my very young daughters that I took for a course in portrait photography and I still love them. Wonderful memories. You will treasure these when Herself is in her forties, I predict.
    I will get caught up. Somehow. 161 looks somewhat far away.

  5. I keep coming back to the 160 shot - the girl and the doll. I love it. I showed it to my M., who said "she has an American Girl doll!" - I corrected her. :)