Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fluff and nonsense




310:365 One down...


310a:365 It's the tooth fairy! I can't believe I caught a glimpse of her.


311:365 At the cast party




312:365 Bristle

speak softly

Speak softly

fluff and nonsense

We had fun with the dandelions.




314:365 Howl



It is so hard to find time these days: time to seek out new subject matter and/or new ways of using the camera. It feels as if I have snapped the walk to work, the kid, the husband, the garden... ad nauseum. The last 50 days of this project may well kill me if I can't wrestle time away from somewhere. It's hard to know what to set the prompt to because of this. I'll try for novelty but, really, I can't make any promises.


  1. These are so wonderful, Sue. I really love all the dandelion shots. The glow on that last one is gorgeous. And I love that it's got only some of its fluff.

    I know what you mean about feeling like you've done the same subject matter over and over. I have way too many shots from after 11 at night, often of toys or the plumbing. I wish I were going on some sort of grand trip!

  2. Lovely fluff! I especially like the shot of Miss M blowing and the fluff flying.
    Different topics? Hah. At the moment, I am stalking butterflies on the lilac. Again.
    Food shots? nooks and crannies of the house? hands (don't require permission slips)
    Look at me with ideas and no photos.

  3. You get better & better.

    My secret pleasure is your titles. The titles in the fern series are an absolute delight. Eye and heart & mind together, creating little still life vignettes.

    Cursive was wonderful too. I will never step over the tree roots in Pacific Spirit Park without thinking of what they are spelling out.

    Am also barely breathing. Forlorn about how little I've lived up to the inspiration you nudged me toward when you began this project. Every day is a new chance though. Keep capturing your own version of beautiful Sue. xo