Friday, September 2, 2011

The Second Coming

I've taken a month off and now I'm eager to get back behind the shutter. Who wants to do a P26/52 with me? Misty from Project 365 is in. Are you?

Here are the details. Dust off your camera and set up a Flickr account. Once you have the Flickr account, let me know and I'll send you an invitation to post to our newly minted P26/52 group. Starting on Monday September 5th, we'll all begin taking pictures to a set list of themes. There will be one theme a week and no requirement whatsoever to take daily photos--thus making it a far less daunting challenge than Project 365. At the end of each week, put your best photo or a handful of photos up on the Flickr group. They'll all sit side by side there in a way that we can learn from each other.

So why 26 or 52? How does that work, you ask? Look at the list of themes below. If you want to tackle all of them, then commit to a P52. If you want to do only those that serve as a camera/photography tutorial, then do only the odd numbered ones and post your photos biweekly at the end of the appropriate week. If you want to tackle only those prompts that focus on subject matter, then jump in at week two and do only the even numbered themes. Or you can be a will-o-the-wisp, jumping in here and there. Whatever. I'm not your creativity cop.

Is this as clear as mud?

Here are the themes. I've added dates until the New Year so you'll get a sense of the time-line. Each week starts on a Monday and the deadline to upload photos for that week is the end of the day on Sunday--you know, unless you're a little bit late.

Week 1: Depth of field: deep (Sept 5-11)
Week 2: Dining out (Sept 12-18)
Week 3: Depth of field: shallow (Sept 19-25)
Week 4: Take a hike (Sept 26-Oct 2)
Week 5: Bokeh (Oct 3-9)
Week 6: Yellow (Oct 10-16)
Week 7: Seen from below (Oct 17-23)
Week 8: Body parts (Oct 24-30)
Week 9: Seen from above (Oct 31-Nov 6)
Week 10: Texture (Nov 7-13)
Week 11: Black and white (Nov 14-20)
Week 12: Blue (Nov 21-27)
Week 13: Portraiture (Nov 28-Dec 4)
Week 14: Beloved (Dec 5-11)
Week 15: Night photography (Dec 12-18)
Week 16: Spice (Dec 19-24)
Week 17: Artificial light (Dec 25-Jan1)
Week 18: Orange
Week 19: Self-portraiture
Week 20: Smiles
Week 21: Overexposure
Week 22: After
Week 23: Post-processing
Week 24: Smell
Week 25: Image Distortion
Week 26: Red
Week 27: Abstract photography
Week 28: Music
Week 29: Looking in
Week 30: Gathering
Week 31: Industrial photography
Week 32: Wind
Week 33: Filtering
Week 34: Green
Week 35: Shutter speed: freeze
Week 36: Warmth
Week 37: Shutter speed: blur
Week 38: Danger
Week 39: Backlight
Week 40: Motherhood or Fatherhood or Childhood
Week 41: Narrative photography
Week 42: A-Z
Week 43: Macro
Week 44: Shoes
Week 45: Time-lapse photography
Week 46: Water
Week 47: Landscape photography
Week 48: Humanity
Week 49: Street photography
Week 50: Purple
Week 51: Flash photography
Week 52: Animal, mineral or vegetable

OK, who's in?

FYI, I will continue to put my pictures up here on this blog for those who just like to look in every now and then.


  1. This looks very cool. Oh, man, how can I resist? I'm in. (And where can I get a creativity cop?)

  2. Due to my speedy new computer, I will no longer be frustrated by slow uploading and working with photos might be fun again. Now I just have to crack the password to my dusty flickr account.... You'll be hearing from me.

  3. well... I found a Flickr account I'd forgotten about.

    It's at

    This first week is going to be a little disappointing for me because I don't have a great lens. Once this year is over, it will be my birthday again and maybe I'll feel an upgrade is justified.


  4. OK, I've sent you all invitations to the Flickr group. Let me know if you don't get yours.