Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fall is Fair



Spotted shortly after the end of my work day on Friday. It wasn't the best photo I took yesterday but it best captured a moment.

Today, Saturday, we headed out to the Keswick Ridge Agricultural Fair and Livestock Show. It's a little fair with a hundred year old history. After shutting down in the late 60's, it was revived by the local historical society this year. A small event with sack races instead of carnie rides, the event was a little slice of rural paradise. I chose this shot of antique farm equipment from many contenders.



I also have the same shot with a sharper DOF, but I particularly like the way the blurring functions here. That said, I am beginning to worry that all my shots are close-ups that rely on this effect. I don't want this to become my schtick.

And now, because I can't resist, here's a couple more pix from the fair.

Damn. Both close ups.


  1. Love the shot of the farm equipment. I know what you mean about having a schtick, though. Still, I think you could be forgiven for this one.

    Another thing I just learned about White you have a setting on your camera for "Custom White Balance". If so, you can take a photo of what you consider white under your fluorescent lights and the camera should adjust accordingly.

  2. Well - if you do something with a lot of skill, it seems counterproductive to dump it. Only, the whole purpose of this exercise is to broaden out, right?
    I have just had a good look at what I have been doing lately, and have set myself the task of doing some portraits: I have far, far too many misty scenery shots.
    Love the shot of Miss M and the Library.