Tuesday, August 17, 2010

George's Quality Footwear

My husband and I started a theatre festival here in Fredericton a decade ago, along with a couple of other folks. Our designer used this sign--one of the last neon relics of the downtown landscape--as the inspiration for the festival's logo.



Earlier this year, the longtime owner of George's retired and shut down the business. I now worry about where the sign will eventually end up.


So ends my BOLD week. Next week's prompt might be scary or it might be fun: Fair is foul OR fowl is fare.


  1. I love the sign! It's wonderfully weathered, too.

    I admit to being a bit scared by the new prompt.

  2. you started a theatre festival? bold!

    :) i see the inspiration - love how it transformed. very cool.

    i tend to ignore the prompts, sorry. maybe this one will change that.

    hmm... speaking of which, i need to post some pictures.

  3. That sign is fantastic. I would love to see it lit up.

  4. Oh, I hope it ends up in your home! Maybe you don't, though...

    Geez, what do I make of this week's prompt? I have a turkey photo from last week I didn't use...