Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Star of wonder...


148:365 The local Reserve receives gov't subsidized power. They give the gift of light back to us all at Christmas time.

This is what the full house looked like:



149:365 Dysfunction in the pop-up book.


150:365 This is my effort to impose shapes on bokeh light as described here. I still need some practice but with any luck you're all seeing stars where none exist in reality.


151:365 This wasn't the best shot I took on Christmas morning but it managed to capture everything that was magical about the day for us.

trying out the new lens

I got a new lens for Christmas: a 75-300mm. Zoom zoom. While I like this shot a lot, it's the next one that makes it as the shot of the day. Note the lack of snow. There's foreshadowing here.




153:365 A girl, her doll, their love of hockey.


154:365 Snowed in. Sure this snow-girl is cute but all that white stuff cancelled our holiday travel plans. No flights means no extended family. Boo.


Well, Happy New Year, one and all. Next week's prompt: resolution.


  1. Great photos! I was hoping to see the one of L and M traipsing through the tunnel of snowy trees here somewhere.

    So sorry your travel plans were canceled. :(

  2. Movie recommendation for your theatrical family: "The King's Speech".

    ..."fuckidy fuck", your Twitter expletive as said by King George.

    Wonderful pictures.


  3. I tried to leave a comment earlier, but seem to have ineptly navigated away from the screen before it posted.

    Anyhow, I love the photos. I'm always a sucker for Christmas lights.

    Plus I'm really fascinated by the shaped bokeh business. Nice job with it! I did indeed see stars. (And I'm pretty sure nobody bonked me on the head.) I'm going to have to try this some time. (The bokey business, not bonking myself on the head...)

    I'm also sorry to hear that your holiday plans gotted messed with. Pesky snow!

  4. i read about that bokeh thing and totally meant to do it at Xmas time and forgot Damn, and took the tree down yesterday (usually wait until 1/6, but the thing was dropping needles faster than Charlie Brown's tree). yours turned out very cool.

    i have started uploading and editing. i am so far behind. will try to post once MQ is back in school. last two weeks have been insane.

  5. oh, and the tree hugging shot is awesome, for a million reasons