Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You're only as good as your last lens


204:365 Texture 1


205:365 Texture 2


206:365 Texture 3


207:365 Texture 4 This was the last shot taken with my 50mm 1.8 lens (aka, the nifty 50). Moments later my favourite lens died in my arms. Given the circumstances, this happenstance abandoned heart is far more literal than what I thought it would be when I spotted it on the pavement.


208:365 We made 100 paper dolls for the 100 days of school celebrations


209:365 Just one moment on a Monday after dinner


210:365 Texture 5: Topsy-turvy weeds in winter. It looks as if they are framed against the sky when actually they are poking up from the snow.

Oh the feeling in the pit of my stomach when my 50mm lens fell apart. A simple fall while nestled snugly in my Lowepro case seemed like nothing, but then when I tried to shoot, the auto-focus failed to engage. I tried to focus manually and was able to do so for a couple of shots even though the focus ring felt stuck. And then, just like that, the lens was in pieces in my hand. I plan to replace it, nay upgrade it, in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I'll be using my zoom lens and my kit lens and hoping for lots of light and plenty of time to shoot in the out-of-doors.

This week's prompt is courtesy of my old friend Patsy: I Fall to Pieces.


  1. So much sympathy! I too have had lens crash. Agony.
    Love the melon shot. A lot. And little Ms M's fierce hug.

  2. I enjoyed all these shots so much (you're getting reeeaaally good). Sorry about the lens, but fortunate that you can just replace it.

    I took the kids out of school for three days' vacation and never heard the end of Lorenzo missing the Kindergarten 100th day celebration.

  3. i totally thought that was the sky behind the weeds.

    great shots, as always.

    falling to pieces. ah, now there's a prompt I should be able to get behind.

    posting the pictures, on the other hand? may never happen. (we're getting the new house ready for move in next week... nothing like working for 15 hours straight... only taking a break today because The May Queen is home with a fever)

  4. Love, love the melon and the lonely heart. I think you really are developing photographic sensibility.

    Sorry to hear about your lens and hope you find a lovely replacement.

    And "falling to pieces" perfectly describes this month for me. Sigh . . .

  5. So sorry about the lens! A 50 is what I want next.