Tuesday, March 1, 2011


211:365 Accidental moon or how the human egg is often deceived.


212:365 I fall to pieces


213:365 Longing for spring


214:365 Life on Mars


215:365 Sunday morning


216:365 His quirk


217:365 Can I drive the bus?


My kid can be a creep sometimes. She resents the camera, so, today, when I was aiming my sites on that pigeon, she took umbrage. The pigeon was sitting on top of a sign the read "Flu Clinic." It was actually sitting over the word "clinic" but then it began walking toward the word "flu." In two more seconds I would've had the perfect bird flu shot--but then, blam, my daughter yelled at the bird and scared it away. Lucky she's cute.

This week's prompt: contrast


  1. you get amazing shots of her if she hates the camera. my kid hides, contorts, does all sorts of things other than going about her business, or even smiling, if I get out the camera

  2. Another great set of photos. Turns out you don't NEED the 50mm (want is a whole other story).

    I'm curious about the first photo. Very curious.

    The 2yo has started putting up his hand and saying "No! No!" when I get out the camera. *sigh* I didn't see it happening this early.

  3. M has a purple glitter ball that was lying in an afternoon sunbeam. I tried to photograph it with the zoom lens on the camera. It was just an object with no magic whatsoever. Then I zoomed in fully at too close a range and all these magical prisms and spheres started to appear. I like the lunar/conception feel of the one I ended up choosing.

  4. The first photo - that's a fine shot and clever, too.
    My kids frequently mugged at the camera; I came close to strangling the little monsters on more than one occasion.
    I also really like 'Waiting for Spring'.
    Contrast, eh? Like. Brain is going sproing, sproing.