Monday, April 18, 2011

A wing and a prayer


261:365 I fear I'm becoming a birder.


262:365 Doppelganger

I went to the local Vote Mob on Saturday for the sole purpose of taking pictures. I ended up on the front page of the local paper today as the face of youth exercising its franchise. Oooooo boy. Now that was embarrassing. Here are my 3 best shots from the event:

Red Lobster Franchise

Red Lobster Franchise: only in Atlantic Canada, I swear.



more vote mob

Wake up and vote!


264:365 Lion fish


265:365 I can't get enough of these grackles and they clearly can't get enough of our bird seed. Fear not, the bird feeder is going away this weekend. I'll be cut off.

The Ministry of Silly Auks

The Ministry of Silly Auks

And now it's time for our weekly edition of name that bird. There's three contenders this week:

Name that bird 1

Name that bird 2

Name that bird 3


265 down; 100 to go. Waa-hoo. I'm posting a day early this week because I'll be away from the computer for the next few days. This week's prompt is portrait.


  1. I am enjoying your experimentation!

  2. The one with red on it's head may be a Common Redpoll. The last little brown one may be a Song Sparrow. The grey guy I think is a Slate Junco.
    Beautiful pictures as always.

  3. Misty wins the ID challenge! I've never seen a redpoll - too far south!

    I adore Juncos. The first winter here, they hung out on our deck keeping me company. We never had them at our other house, even though it's only a few miles from where we now live.

    I like 262.

  4. "The Ministry of Silly Auks" brilliant.

    why is the bird feeder going away? our newly put up feeders provide all sorts of dinner entertainment for us AND the cats.

  5. Love The Ministry of Silly Auks.