Tuesday, April 5, 2011



246:365 Incognito. Under that disguise is the softest heart I know.


247:365 Taking a hard line in defence of the softer sex (after funding cuts wiped out our provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women)


248:365 April fool


249:365 Downy woodpecker

Sunday is becoming my prime snapping day and this week was no exception. First I saw this skittish softie outside the family room window.

soft and skittish

Then I noticed that the conditions on the back deck were prime for more droplet photos. I took a gazillion, got about 100 I was tickled with, and edited it all down to a small handful that made me very happy. Rather than simply trying to catch the drops as they fell, this time I was interested in pushing my limits in two directions. The first was to capture reflections in the drops and the other was to create truly abstract shots that worked with this week's prompt. Here are three of the shots I really liked.




Reflection (of the trees across the driveway)


250:365 Abstract with reflection


251:265 At the pet store--in solidarity with @BronxZoosCobra


252:365 Mining the gems in the now defunct collection of the former Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women

Mmmmm. The prompt this week was soft and yet I've got a woodpecker and a parrot beak. Ooops. I took so many soft shots that didn't make the cut. I think I need to round out this post with a nod to the prompt from the runners-up.

sin kitten

At the SPCA

the girls

The Girls

sin kitten, er, rabbit

Sin Kitten, er, bunny


"Soft" was fun but kinda mushy. This week's prompt: direction


  1. Love the pics, Sue, but that is not a red-headed woodpecker. It's called a downy woodpecker.

  2. the droplet pictures are amazing.

    I've taken some pictures of late, but have been too mired down in housing projects and unpacking boxes. I do hope to jump back in at some point.

  3. Steve, are you sure. He had a bright red patch on his head. It wasn't as visible in this shot but it was there.

  4. Well fancy that! I just did a google image search and there he is. Downy Woodpecker. Off to edit.

  5. Amazing water droplet shots. Wow! I am not inspired this last week ... the only thing soft around here are the roads, where my trusty Ford wallows and covers itself with muck.
    And indeed that's probably a downy. It's hard to tell them from their Hairy cousins unless you can get a good idea of relative size. I thought you did that on purpose.