Tuesday, October 12, 2010



076:365 Straddle of The Blades



The ceramic,seeing-eye dog at the grocery store. Not a great picture but she asked me to take it and the irony of her love for it is slaying me.


How are you all doing? I'm afraid the doldrums have settled in for me. When I think about November, I get scared. It's such a long, grey month. But then again, I have a birthday at the end of this month, one that might bring a new toy for the camera and with it, I hope, renewed vigour.

I wasn't good at following my own prompt last week but maybe this week'll be different. The prompt is oxymoron, if'n you're up for the challenge.


  1. at first i saw M with the dog and thought "a dog she likes!" and then realized it was fake.

    i am nearly caught up in my posting. Which may inspire me? Who knows. The fall is inspiring to me right now. More leaf pictures, coming up.

  2. Indeed, Miss M and a large dog blew me away for a sec, before I figured out what it was.
    I am so far behind that I can't even see the dust. Ah well, November might be quieter - less yard work anyway.
    I finally manage to find a 'craft' shot and you hit us with this? Isn't that kind of cruel?

  3. I'm busy as ever...perhaps busier. Two weeks with hospitalizations makes life interesting. Midterms are staring me down the next two weeks. Organic chemistry...shiver. An upcoming Halloween party for rowdy cub scouts is almost as frightening. Then comes a paper in Biopsych to round out the month.