Thursday, October 14, 2010

The one that got away

Sure, there have been other photos in the last 70+ days that could have been cleaner, sharper, more nuanced. But today, today was the day that one got away on me. M and I left for school today in a fog that was both figurative and literal. It was an exceptionally bad morning in what has been a long line of pretty crappy days. We walked along in a world clouded in a thick autumn mist when she stopped me and said, "Look Mommy! Isn't it pretty?" What she saw was two tiny, perfect spider webs strung between Scotch thistles that had gone to seed. In the fog, the webs sparkled in perfect symmetry. The thistles were positively alien in appearance. I grabbed the camera and quickly, unthinkingly, snapped a half dozen shots. Because we were running late for school, I couldn't dilly dally, so I turned off the camera and we soldiered on after sharing this moment of beauty.

About 40 minutes later, she was at school and I was almost at work when I decided I needed to take a couple more shots of the fog before the sun burned it off. I turned on the camera and that's when I saw the message "no memory card." Gasp. Surely, I had lost my card--my card with over 1,000 images on it. I must've lost it somewhere after taking the web shots. My stomach lurched. I wavered and weighed my options. Then, I retraced my steps--to no avail. Ultimately, I returned home, only to find the camera card sitting on the bench inside the front entranceway. By then I was very late for work and the fog had lifted. When I wandered by the webs later, they were torn. In the bright sun, they faded into the background. The shot was forever lost.

the one that got away

So instead, I give you this.


How about you? Do you have a big fish story?


  1. Mine would have to be,a shot of my father-in-law,my husband,and my oldest son fishing. Backs to me,sunlight to their left,and shining off of the water. No camera.
    Thankfully I was looking in their direction at that time,or I may have missed it completely.

  2. I lose so many - driving along with my camera on the passenger seat, I see a gorgeous shot but ... there is an aggressive driver behind me, or I am late or there is not a good pull-off spot.
    The one I regret the most though was long, long ago. My daughters were 8 months and almost two. I walked into the kitchen to find the baby in my big stock pot and the ED twirling the pot around. 'what are you doing?' I gasped. 'I be cookin' Wenny!' said the toddler. No camera @#$%!!
    After that I always kept the camera, loaded, on a bookcase in the dining room.

  3. Mine's nothing so dramatic, but I was out with Mystique for the morning walk at sunrise, and the sky was this glorious, clear blue, with the exception of half a dozen diverging and intersecting jet trails, which were a clear, bright pink. Hurried Mystique, tried to head home for a camera in time, but to no avail. It was only that way, those colours, for maybe ten minutes.