Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Portrait, landscape and working the curve


127:365 My Christmas lights funkadellic style


128:365 I spend 5 nights a week with him so he really ought to be here.


129:365 At the downtown tree lighting ceremony


130:365 The Saint John String Quartet with special guest percussionists




132:365 My friend Stephen let me use his basement studio again. It was fun, but I still have so much to learn and I'm not sure I know how to learn anything when I am in the company of an over-tired 5-yr-old.

working the curve

This shot isn't my picture of the day but I did experiment with it in the freeware program, GIMP. Stephen encouraged me to "manipulate the curve" on the studio shots so that the black of my daughter's dress would pop out a bit from the background. I tried it here and may experiment a bit more when I can find a bit more time.


133:365 Landscape: it's definitely changing in all the wrong ways.


I did make the rounds over the last week but I noticed that some of you haven't updated your shots in a while. Are you still with me? My guess is that you're still shooting daily but have gotten bogged down in the editing and uploading. If so, wipe your slate and start anew tomorrow.

Well, the holidays are bearing down so let's try a seasonal prompt: carol. Make it fun, make it pun. Enjoy.


  1. love love love the candle shot. and the father daughter shot. how lucky that you have a studio to play in! :) also love M's coat and hat.

    I am taking pictures, and yes, uploading and editing have taken a backseat to decorating and shopping and now I have an audition to get ready for, which is what I really should be doing now (R&J...fun!)

  2. I'm still here, and will be. Marking, marking, marking, doing a class presentation, marking, marking, marking....

  3. I really love that first one. So fun!

    This makes me miss my camera intensely. I bought the kids a couple of new shirts yesterday that are coordinated without being too matchy and my first thought was of the photos...then it hit me, there won't be any for a while.

  4. Still here and right now buried under paperwork--have tried to take pictures everyday, but have not read the manual or any other camera books. So not much experimenting going on.

    And I too love the father/daughter shot--what a perfect Christmas picture. And the quartet shot--the string players look so happy to have the budding musicians with them and the children look so dedicated. You can almost feel the joy that the music is bring everyone in that photo.

  5. I've just been paging through your last several weeks and can clearly see the techical improvements and increased range with the new lens. Yeah, I've been buried,similar to comments above. I hope it is okay to join back in at the number we're at tomorrow and fill in the gaps in the doldrums of the January thaw? So sorry for dropping out. And, hey, I have a new compact camera and am now really in the hunt as it will fit in my purse or briefcase. (Must read the damn manual!) Happy New Year to you and yours.