Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It came without ribbons...


141:365 The biblical rains and flash flooding made the Saint John river a presence in our lives this week.


142:365 My book club. We're drunk. I loves 'em.


143:365 I got this cycling Santa at a 10,000 Villages sale a few years back. He still makes me smile.


144:365 A glimpse at the Irish Dance Christmas recital I took my daughter to.


145:365 Well, he's definitely a presence in my life. He's also playing with a present he put in our daughter's Advent Calendar: finger flash lights.




147:365 A big part of my job is processing gift books. Here's a box full that came my way recently.


Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope you have a happy, peaceful and photogenic one. I don't really think we need a prompt this week but I'll put one out there anyway. Spent. If you're not feeling it now, you will be soon.


  1. On the theme of spent: (with words not images.)

    ~ am going to visit friend's blogs here and there over the holidays & not allow my energy - at such a low ebb & which my family needs - to be spent frivolously in the ethernet.

    ~ Dropped in to see what you were up to & smiled to see the Santa. Ten Thousand Villages is where I buy the necessary teacher presents, hostess gifts etc. If I must go and spend money on the "must buys" then I prefer to know the money is well spent. It is also where I periodically fall in love with a teacup or hand made ornament.

    ~ there are 2 different wooly sheep in my tree. (this has nothing whatsoever to do with spent & everything to do with whimsy)

    ~ may your holidays be well spent with the gorgeous people you love & capture so beautifully here.

  2. I put finger flashlights in the stockings a year or two ago. They weren't the big hit I thought they'd be. Perhaps I'll confiscate them for my own use.

    Your book club doesn't look a bit drunk. Festive, I'd say.

    Have a very happy Christmas!

  3. Two of my SILs have been involved in Irish Dance, so that one looks very familiar to me!

    Love the shot of you with your book club gals.

  4. i want to join your book club. the one I was a part of in NOLA never took off. love the picture of Len, and the ornament. What's your trick for the ornament picture? I cannot get the lighting right. I think maybe I don't have enough lights on my tree. ;) the river pic is laso stuning, and the books... you had a good week! :) I LOVED Bobbsey Twins as a kid, have a bunch in a box in the basement. Would love to get MQ interested in them.