Tuesday, December 14, 2010



134:365 The Nutcracker. SWEET! I really wanted to get a better photo, taken later in the performance but the usher tapped me on the shoulder after my first shot. Rightly so, but still... I was discreet. I did not use a flash. But still... I will mind my manners in future.


135:365 Cindy Lou Who, or Hail the new, ye lads and lasses.


136:365 We won't go until we get some.


137:365 Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...


138:365 He sees you when you're sleeping.


139:365 Peace on Earth (in the air?), or don't Fall on Your Knees


140:365 "Mur" is mine.


Next week's prompt: presents or presence


  1. you took a picture during a live performance! you rebel! you must have had the camera set just right, because it came out very clearly.


    that gnome picture is creepy. I don't want him watching me.

    and love the haircut shot.

  2. Oh, my favorite is the gingerbread house. In fact, I was looking forward to seeing yours because you do such a great job. (We have two this year because my mother has deemed Lorenzo grown-up enough to take part. I think we will actually eat them because she went and bought bona fide candy from a local chocolatier).

    A couple of weeks ago Tony and I went to see Bob Dylan in concert. I goaded him into taking a picture even though there were ushers right in the aisle next to us. It's kind of neat because although you can't make anyone out, there is a great silhouette of Dylan in his sombrero cordobes against the backdrop.

    I see more of your husband in your daughter's looks these days.

  3. Love these, especially the snow. I'm hoping, HOPING that we get some again this year.

  4. I r a slow. It took me so long to make the connection between "carols" and your pictures. Doy.

    I love that the Christmas tree comes home in the bike buggy.

  5. Sue - you are an incredible photographer - I love the photo of Muriel writing in her journal. Thank you so much - the winter shots remind me of home : )