Wednesday, September 15, 2010



050:365 Self-portrait: shadow of the activist I used to be.

I was a volunteer escort at the local clinic during a particularly blue time in my life. My only role was to walk women past the protesters and safely into the clinic. After a while my mornings became conflicted with too many activities and I had to step back from my volunteerism.

I tried taking pictures of the meancing protesters yesterday but my efforts didn't pan out. The pictures were blah. The grim faced old men that I remember from those cold, early mornings made a point of smiling at the camera in an unnerving way. I may try to get back there some day to reshoot. In the meantime, I walked by the protesters' counselling house today where they keep plastic fetuses and other misleading propaganda in the window.


  1. (and i know how hard it is too take when you can't look at it while you're taking it, like when I did my fragile self portrait)

  2. Is that fetus actually wiping its eyes with a handkerchief? Or is that some kind of serendipitous reflection?

  3. Bea: It is a serendipitous reflection--same with the blurred red of the flower in the planter outside the window. I could go on and on about this photo and how it turned out and its levels of meaning for me, but I won't. Because words are not what I'm about right now.