Thursday, September 30, 2010

I hate choosing


064:365 Timid is as timid does.

Yesterday, it was a cinch to choose the photo of the day. Today was agonizing. My daughter's class went apple picking and, because I volunteered, I got to spend a bit of morning time staring down at the Saint John River Valley in the mist. None of the photos are spectacular, but I like 4 of them a lot. I've made a choice but am tempted to change my decision.

I hate choosing 1

The ducks swam into the picture out of nowhere.

I hate choosing 2

The tree framed the horizon perfectly.

I hate choosing 3

The mist hung over the valley as if by design.



But the combination of fall colours has tentatively won out. At least for now. Just call me a timid editor. Or at least an indecisive one.


  1. it's funny how some days you just know which one, with no worries. or it's just whittling down all the versions of the same picture.. which one has the best light, framing, etc. but some days....

    i get it.

    they are all lovely.

  2. ooh, I like all of them and 2 and 4, especially, but I think you chose right.

  3. i like the ducks. and the mist.