Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day


042:365 Because there are times when the classic, clichéd shot is just what posterity demands.

Alejna said something in reply to my comment on her blog the other day about shooting past the pretty. I'd never heard this expression before and it made me think: in the photography of others I very much appreciate the aesthetic of ugly or dirty or disturbing or even rumpled commonplace. In my own photography, no way. I long for the pretty. Because I spend so much of my free time with a rather (if I do say so myself) pretty subject, I find myself succumbing to it, always trying to up the ante on pretty. I think this means it's time for a shift in focus. Next week's prompt: shooting past the pretty. HALP!


  1. Yup, no need to shoot past the pretty on this one.

    I like next week's prompt. I haven't been able to shoot in theme for the last two weeks, but I'll try this one. I actually enjoy photographing ugly stuff, but then it rarely wins the 'best photo of the day' prize.

  2. shooting past the pretty? hmmm... my house is a mess. I should be able to do that. but will I? ;)

    I have a very similar shot from today... haven't posted todays yet... maybe in the morning...

  3. I am all about the pretty. But maybe you have to actually get genuinely bored with pretty before it's time to move past it?

  4. Funny, I didn't even remember writing that. I think I was referring more to the "all I shoot is pretty" phase on the graph I included in my post, which I interpret to be also about being satisfied with the prettiness of the subject of a photo without much thinking about the quality of the photo as a whole.

    But I do like to take pictures that aren't just of pretty things. I sometimes try to make a pretty picture of something that is not pretty by normal standards. For example, peeling paint, rust and rotting wood.

    Speaking of which, have you seen Magpie's new blog? It's a photo blog she calls Decay and Desuetude. So far it's only one post, but hopefully she'll post more soon!